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The ‚Discovery‘ level gives you access to:

  • the ‚Black belt‘ masterclass learning program
  • Simple but useful Excel tools and checklists for download, in order to better manage your own portfolio
  • the MyMoneyWorks reference portfolios
  • the Discussion Forum where members can exchange experience and opinions

The ‚Premium‘ membership level (launch in Q2 2018) also provides the following benefits:

  • Portfolio Dashboard: analysis, risks and optimisation
  • Simulation of historical performance
  • Benchmark portfolio and performance with other members

The ‚Platinum‘ level (launch in Q2 2018) brings you additional tools and services:

  • Simulate portfolio future evolution
  • Receive personalised alerts
  • Interact with ‚back belt‘ experts, who manage a personal large portfolio and have more than 20 years of experience in investing