There are as many portfolios as there are people and the first step is always the hardest

‘One-size-fits-all’ doesn’t exit, and only YOU can build up a portfolio that matches your personal requirements. We are all different in terms of:

  • investment horizon
  • affinity to particular countries and regions of the world
  • affinity to particular industries
  • affinity to young companies versus mature ones
  • affinity to mid-size companies versus large businesses
  • need for regular dividends, versus capital gains only
  • readiness (or not) to pay fees for ‘managed funds’, as well as annual management fees
  • taxable income, taxation of dividends and capital gains
  • etc

MyMoneyWorks members can learn how to get started and how to build a personal portfolio by taking the Black Belt masterclass learning program. The course is free for ‘Discovery’ members.

In addition, the MyMoneyWorks reference portfolios can be used as a source of ideas to get your own portfolio started, whether you prefer to buy ETFs, or Managed Funds, or individual shares directly.

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