Integrity, Quality, Independence


MyMoneyWorks is an educational web site that provides a bouquet of services to its members. We believe that you don’t have to be a super star to earn a decent return when investing in the stock market. MyMoneyWorks can help you save and invest wisely, and improve your financial wellness. On the other hand, if you are looking at making a quick profit, and cannot imagine saving with a 10-year investment horizon, then MyMoneyWorks is not for you.


MyMoneyWorks provides its members with quality information and services that we believe are relevant to them. We take a ‘no non-sense’ approach. We don’t want you to get drowned in details that do not really matter. Every day we work hard to keep the MyMoneyWorks platform easy to use and valuable for its members.


MyMoneyWorks is totally independent. We don’t manage your money – you will have to do that. We do not belong to a bank, nor to an insurance company, nor to an investment broker or a fund management company that tries to sell its in-house products (most of which are not suitable to you). We don not earn any commission when you trade, nor any referral fee from any ‘Depotbank’ or financial institution. We do not have any conflict of interest.