If your portfolio performance is below average, it is time to fix it

You don’t have to be a super star to become a smart (and successful) investor. But if you are not happy about your current portfolio performance, what can you do about it?

More often than not, disappointing performance results from your own behaviour e.g.:

  • you are trading too much, buying what was fashionable in the past, and then shifting tactics too often when you realise that that something else has become more fashionable…
  • you are buying products that cost you in fees a lot, such as managed funds (with their high entry fees and annual management fees)
  • you are buying the wrong products (wrong for your needs) e.g. buying bonds when your investment horizon is 10 years or longer.

If this rings a bell, then the best thing to do is to go back to school and take the ‘Black Belt masterclass training programme’, which is part of the ‘Discovery’ services.

MyMoneyWorks won’t help you to beat the market, but it can help you ‘revert to the mean’ i.e. restructure your portfolio so that your performance becomes comparable to the performance of your peers. This functionality is what we call the Portfolio Analyser, and it is integrated in the Portfolio Dashboard, accessible to ‘Premium’ members only.

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